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Meal subscription plans Singapore

We’re all for dining out but when you’ve got fitness goals to hit, there needs to be a time when we put down that morsel of foie gras on your fork in favour of a piece of lettuce. That said, eating healthy does not have to be depressing, nor even difficult. In recent years, there’s a been an explosion of meal subscription services that lets you eat healthy without having to resort to boiled chicken breast and broccoli.

In fact, many of these businesses have a generous and changing menu, which is often overseen by a certified nutritionist. So bid adieu to the notion that healthy food is drab. These five companies show us the way.

Nutrition Kitchen
It’s hard to miss the aggressive social media ads that Nutrition Kitchen runs touting stunning results for its clients. Key to its service is that every meal’s macronutrients is accounted for with a breakdown of protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as calories that you will be eating for that particular meal. Its service is overseen by certified nutritionists while trained chefs whip up your meals. Choose between the regular or low carb meals designed for both the highly active and less active. The meals will arrive daily with enough variety to last you six weeks.


For YoloFoods, turning honest ingredients into meals that nourish the body and soul is at the heart of its mission under the watchful eye of Olympic-certified nutritionist, Jane Freeman. The company has four meal plans under its belt with varying aims: weight loss, clean eating, low carb and vegetarian. Unlike Nutrition Kitchen, you can choose the dates you’d like it delivered so don’t worry about missing out on your meals if you ever decide to make that quick weekend getaway.

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Frozen food may not necessarily appeal to many discerning tastebuds but it does have an edge over fresh meals in that you can heat it up on demand for those days when getting a healthy meal is a challenge. Fresher does this exceedingly well, delivering your frozen meals in cooler bags. Choose from the likes of 36hr Sous-Vide Duck Confit to Thai Basil Chicken with Pearl Barley Rice. All the calories, protein, carbs and fat are clearly labeled so you can plan out your meals without a hitch.


Nutrify Meals
Okay listen up, Nutrify Meals is not for everyone because the firm takes your macronutritional intake so seriously that it only serves up the essentials. This means you can totally customise your order for proteins, carbs and vegetables. Choose from the likes of sous vide beef cubes seasoned with salt or ground turkey breast with thyme and pair it with carbs like oven-baked pumpkins and steamed jasmine brown rice.


Yummy Bros
“The best diet is an enjoyable one,” goes a statement on Yummy Bros’ site, and the company aims to put healthy yet delicious dishes on the table. How? By appealing to our Asian palates. The service is a weekly delivery of frozen meals which you can reheat on demand. If you’re looking for high protein meals, go for the Yummy Protein Bowls, which, while not customisable (yet), will have you tucking in to selections like the Honey Soy Chicken, with savoury yam rice and topped with stir-fried kailan in oyster sauce as well as Chicken Noodle Dish with Chinese mushrooms.

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