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How to enjoy caviar the right way at home

How to enjoy caviar the right way at home

They’re dark, deep, savoury and immensely rich. This is caviar — the tiny pearls of pleasure that can deliver the flavour of the ocean in just a tiny teaspoon.

It’s an unmissable ingredient if you dine out at just any top-end restaurant in Singapore. But in the age of the pandemic when dining at home is the norm, a little touch of luxury is the very thing the soul needs. 

The best part? Caviar isn’t the most difficult ingredient for the home cook to prepare and enjoy. In fact, it barely needs any work to shine. The trick is in serving it properly and giving it the sense of occasion it requires. Here’s our guide to enjoying caviar the right way at home.


crackers with caviar showcase on table


How to serve and eat it

Let’s get straight down to business. What’s the easiest way to serve caviar? Technically you don’t even need anything. Simply scoop some of the caviar and place it on the back of your hand in the space between your lower thumb and index finger. Then eat it — it’s as simple as that. Other ways you can serve it is on canapes — pairing it with other types of seafood like salmon or lobster is perfect. If you desire a little extra luxury at breakfast, scoop it on poached eggs. For sophisticated dinner parties, a good piece of seared wagyu (Japanese only please) and all its fatty juices will do well with a modest dollop of caviar on top. For a lot less fuss, you can get your guests to assemble their own nibbles by laying out unsalted crackers or blinis with condiments like chopped onions, sour cream and fresh herbs.

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Enjoy caviar the right way at home with wine


How to pair it

Leave the fancy pairings to expert sommeliers at restaurants. As a general rule of thumb and if you don’t have the confidence, caviar pairs best with dry champagnes or other white wine varietals which have a lean, fruity body, preferably with a higher acidity. Purists however, prefer pairing caviar with vodka — the traditional Russian way — if you’re having your caviar neat. Both ingredients complement each other; the caviar will open your palate to the subtleties of a good Russian vodka while the crisp, explosive nature of the vodka will release the full flavour of the caviar.


different types of caviar dishes


How to store it

Two things you must note: never freeze caviar nor leave it at room temperature. These temperature conditions can alter the taste and texture of your caviar — or worse lead to spoilage. Once purchased, simply place it in the coldest part of your refrigerator until you’re ready to enjoy it. If you’re serving it to guests and predict the caviar might be left out at room temperature for some time, place it on a bed of ice to keep it cool.

Where to get it

Online is the easiest way if you are not in a rush. There are several caviar purveyors in Singapore along the likes of Caviar Colony which sources its caviar directly from farms. Russian Caviar House is another well-known establishment which, as its name implies, only carries caviar from Russia. If you’re looking for ready-made hampers to take the legwork out of your gathering, head to Classic Deli which has put together cold cuts, cheese and wine for flawless pairings.

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