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Where to buy the most stylish takeaway containers in Singapore

There is no sugar coating this: We use an alarming amount of plastic in Singapore in everything from takeaways at the hawker centre to bagging up produce in the supermarket. It’s no way to live if we desire a planet with lower pollution rates and a healthier relationship with our environment.

In fact, we use 1.76 billion plastic items each year – a figure that includes 820 million plastic supermarket bags, 467 million PET bottles, and 473 million plastic disposable items like takeaway containers.

Those are alarming numbers.

This is where stylish takeaway containers come in. They’re sleek, they’re functional and they last far longer than the regular plastic versions that won’t be usable after a few uses. Here’s what we recommend.



W&P’s Porter Bowl

If all you’re looking for is a simple yet quality bowl to hold your food, then the bowl from W&P’s Porter Collection is what you need. It’s an ultra light lunch container made from BPA-free plastic with a capacity of one litre. That means you can pack in food like salads, pasta or your favourite grain bowl. It comes with a silicone snap-strap to secure the lid so you won’t have to worry about its contents spilling out. Have a favourite colour? Take your pick from the likes of charcoal, navy, mint and blush. Those with a penchant for crafts can also order the ceramic version.

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Bentoheaven creates two-tier stackable takeaway containers that lets you separate your food items. Do you fancy a soup with some bread for lunch? Place the bread on the first compartment and have the soup on the second. The boxes are leakproof and comes with a freely adjustable divider, sauce cup, chopsticks, fork, knife and spoon as well as a sealing strap to make packing your meal a real breeze. It comes in eight colours but the ones with the bamboo covers have our vote.

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Fans of minimalism love Muji and for good reason too. The Japanese home goods brand is renowned for their tasteful and functional items that recall the zen design language of Japan. It has a range of takeaway containers from round bowls that can transport soups to slender stackable bento boxes for those with small appetites in a range of materials. There are aluminium lunch boxes as much as valved containers that can release steam when you microwave your food.

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Are you short on space either at home or in your bag? Then Stojo will be the solution you’re looking for. The brand is well-loved for its collapsible containers and it makes three different types: cups, bottles and portable boxes. The latter will be perfect for takeaways and comes in two sizes 24 ounces and 36 ounces for the big eaters. The products are also sold in bundles so round up your likeminded friends save some cash while saving the planet.

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