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Around Café: A new “glasshouse” café in the east to satisfy your late night sweet tooth cravings

Tucked around the corner of The Alps Residences in Tampines is Around Café Tampines, their second outlet after Ang Mo Kio. We decided to visit the new chic industrial glasshouse ice cream cafe to experience it for ourselves.

We were immediately drawn into the abundance of natural light and space, coupled with its minimalistic and calm interior; it was the perfect spot to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, and to get our ice cream fix.

Around Café offers 16 ice cream flavors that are rotated on a weekly basis. Their flavours range from classics like Strawberry Cheesecake, Matcha and Salted caramel to more interesting outlet exclusives like Yakult Oreo and Cereal Milk among others. Standard  “rounds” (aka scoops) are priced at $4.20 and $8 for 2 rounds, with an additional top up for premium flavors. Choose to enjoy in either a cone or a cup.

On our visit, we tried their Hazelnut Rocher and Banana ice cream with waffle ($14.90 for a waffle and 2 rounds of ice cream) along with their Honey Green Milk Tea with Pearls ($5.90); and our palates were pleasantly satisfied.



Their ice cream and waffles are simply divine! The waffle was not only crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside—the perfect combination. The Hazelnut Rocher ice cream has an uncanny resemblance to Ferrero Rocher but was equally delicious. It even had bits of Lotus biscoff crumbs for added texture.

Fans of Korean dessert would love the second round we had; the Banana ice cream reminded us of Korean banana milk, only more elevated.

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While the bubble tea at Around Café may not be a strong contender with other known bubble tea brands, it did hit the spot. However, it doesn’t warrant a repeat order considering the extensive beverage options available for trying.

With such a delicious selection of sweets set in a beautiful surrounding, it’s no wonder Around Café is a hit during weekends and is crowded; so be prepared for a wait if you do visit during that time. Around Café is perfect for date nights, solo inspiration (JK Rowling wrote her book in a café) or family bonding time.


Around Café is open daily from 12pm to 2am and is located at The Alps Residences, 117 Tampines Street 86, The Alps Residences, Singapore 528538. Use the dedicated entrance to the café. Parking is available at the multistorey carpark opposite at Blk 837.


*Information is accurate as of 1st November 2021.



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