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Fancy a low calorie cocktail? Here’s where to get them

Here’s a little fact that may surprise many: alcohol doesn’t necessarily make you gain weight. In fact, clear, heavy spirits like gin and vodka are actually pretty low in calories and will not add too much to your daily calorie count.

So why does alcohol have a bad rep when it comes to healthy eating? We think it’s because it’s almost always imbibed with food and drink that isn’t great for the body. The low calorie count for spirits for instance is shaken up into a cocktail that, while delicious, also includes plenty of sugar.

Yet not all is lost. If you’re still looking for a good night out while keeping to your fitness goals, here is what you can drink and where to have to it in Singapore.


What: Gin and tonic
Where: Atlas Bar
Why: A gin and tonic is just about the lowest calorie cocktail you can think of – after all, a single shot of gin contains just about 60 calories. The only other ingredients in this classic cocktail is tonic water, lime and the bartender’s choice of herbs. To truly savor this drink, head to Atlas Bar. Yes it’s tourist hotspot, yes it may welcome more instagrammers than you care for but Atlas Bar’s gin selection is simply unparalleled.


What: Aperol spritz
Where: Caffe Fernet
Why: Cheerful summer-y tipple aperol spritz comes in at just under 120 calories even if its orange hue may fool some into thinking it’s laden with sugar. Aperol clocks in at 85 calories, a 60ml serve of Prosecco is around 40 calories while soda water has no calories. Altogether, it adds up to the same calories as a glass of rose. Savour this little fact at Caffe Fernet, which specialises in Italian cuisine and its drinks. The Aperol Spritz here is excellent and comes with a view of the bay.

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What: Mojito
Where: Level 33
Why: Okay a traditional mojito is indeed packed with sugar but Level33 at Marina Bay Financial Centre makes The Blond Mojito – a low calorie version that uses its 33.1 blond lager (brewed inhouse of course). The cocktail gets its sweet taste from fresh strawberries while the sprigs of mint leaves and rum – an essential mojito base spirit – gives the cocktail its true character.


What: Mizuwari
Where: Live Twice
Why: Technically, Mizuwari is the name of a Japanese cocktail technique where whisky is cut with water to blunt its sharp edge. Live twice extends this further by ageing a blend of Nikka’s Coffey grain and malt whiskies in an earthen pot for three days with soft water shipped from Hokkaido, served in a highball glass with nothing else but its zen purity.



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