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Top 10 Pink Gins of 2022

The phrase ‘pink gin’ is used when describing normal gin with a dash of angostura bitters. These days, a wide variety of fruit, herbs, and spices, such as strawberries, rhubarb, grapefruit, and rose petals, are also commonly used to create pink gins.

Even though they all appear to have a bubblegum-sweet flavour, don’t be fooled by their appearance. Some are shockingly sophisticated while others are fragrant, fresh, and graceful. Serve as you would a classic G&T with tonic, or experiment with a variety of gin-based drinks.

Pink gins are traditionally known as a drink for the holidays. Nonetheless, you can always make it feel like Christmas in July with these top 10 pink gins we highly recommend::


1. Poor Toms Strawberry Gin

This Strawberry Gin was initially created to lighten the mood for family weddings, but it’s nonetheless great for any occasion! This dry gin is steeped with fresh strawberries, young ginger, and hibiscus flowers to give it a deep pink colour and a vibrant complexity. Cardamom and cubeb pepper distillates that have been enhanced also bring out the strawberry’s subtle sweetness.


2. Harahorn Pink Gin

The delicious Harahorn Norwegian Gin now also comes in pink! For a luscious, fruity flavour profile, raspberry extract and fresh lemon juice are combined with the foundation of the classic gin. If you drink this with tonic, garnish with lemon or raspberries to bring out the appropriate gin notes.


3. Sakurao Gin Limited Edition

The brand-new Sakurao Distillery in Hiroshima has only opened its doors in 2018. So far, they’ve created a very amazing gin collection as they wait to be able to make whiskey! This limited-edition flavour contains 17 botanicals from the area around Hiroshima, including wasabi, hinoki, oyster shells, and Japanese juniper berries. It makes for a rather distinctive libation!

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4. Sipsmith Sloe Gin

The process for making Sipsmith’s Sloe Gin starts in the fall when they gather the sloe berries, a hedgerow fruit related to the plum family, and mix them with their London Dry Gin. The crops fluctuate from year to year as a result of the unpredictable and ever-changing British weather. Every vintage manufactured has its own beautifully distinct character, much like a good wine, and Sipsmith quality is guaranteed.

Consider sloe gin to be the national liqueur of Britain, just like limoncello is to Italy. It tastes amazing in a variety of gin concoctions, and you can add it to the London Dry Gin concoctions to give them a berry sweetness boost.


5. Hayman’s True English Sloe Gin

Hayman carefully blends English sloe berries from the wild into their exquisitely balanced London Dry Gin in the making of their Sloe Gin. It takes 3–4 months to complete this process, which is another of the Hayman family’s time-honoured family recipes; before the infusion is combined with raw sugars. As a result, you get lovely fruity notes, plummy scents, and undertones of almond and frangipane. It’s not overly sweet or tart, and you can still taste the gin nicely.


6. Hepple Sloe & Hawthorn Gin

The berries that naturally grow on the moorlands surrounding the Hepple distillery served as the inspiration for this sloe and hawthorn gin. This rich, spicy, complex spirit was expertly produced using Hepple’s high fidelity distilling method and then poured on berries for more than six months. It is the cocktail maker’s choice for all seasons!

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The unconventionally rich, powerful, and dry Hepple Sloe and Hawthorn Gin is a unique twist on the traditional Sloe Gin. Designed for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, this ground-breaking Triple Technique has allowed Hepple to capture flavours more consistently than is often achievable. This is a burst of colour from the Hills of Hepple, with dry notes of hawthorn berries intensified by supercritically extracted juniper.


7. Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin

Along with the traditional flavours of juniper and lime, this zingy pink grapefruit gin also boasts a delightful grapefruit flavour. Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin is the ideal foundation for a flavorful cocktail and creates a superb gin and tonic with a slice of pink grapefruit.


8. Warner’s 0% Pink Berry

Warner didn’t arrive at their 0% Pink Berry overnight, but it is an excellent cracker! Before they found the ideal combination of natural ingredients, they experimented with 53 other options. Spicy Szechuan pepper, ginger, and chilli, together with fruity bursts of raspberry and blackcurrant sage are combined to give this 0% spirit the distinct ‘kick’ of a premium libation. Pour over an ice-filled glass, top with a splash of Mediterranean tonic, and add a few berries for a show-stopping beverage!


9. Adelaide Hills Distillery 78 Degree Sunset ‘Pink’ Gin

This sunset gin is inspired by the last hours of the day when the sky opens up to provide expansive views across the sky and gradually morphs and changes to mesmerise its viewers.

The pink hue of this gin is all-natural and comes from strawberry gum, which is a native Australian plant. The strawberry gum gives this gin a natural stickiness and a flavour of juicy red berries. Bush apple and rosella contribute to the pine and floral aromas, which together give the finished product depth and complexity.

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10. Warner’s Rhubarb Gin

Warner’s Rhubarb Gin is officially the first rhubarb-flavoured gin ever created. It was first created as a limited edition using rhubarb that was taken from Queen Victoria’s garden. However, this has become a regular in Warner’s gin lineup due to overwhelmingly high demand for the gin.

Each bottle of this gin contains Warner’s London dry gin and rhubarb juice, carefully combined to provide a flavorful gin. We advise combining this gin with a Franklin & Sons ginger ale instead of the traditional Indian tonic. Ginger and rhubarb are such a traditional pairing.



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