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Want to propose in a restaurant? Here’s some of the top places

​Congratulations on finding the love of your life. You’ve picked the ring, are in the midst of writing out your proposal speech and all that’s left is to pick an appropriate spot to propose. Restaurants are one of the safest ways for you to propose as after all, you can inform the staff beforehand and very little could go wrong.

But picking one can be both a science and an art. It has to be a beautiful location and one that offers just the right amount of privacy.

We’ve chosen these spots for the neat combination of an unforgettable experience and great food. After all, we all need to maximise the chances of our other half saying yes, right?

Les Amis

If your budget isn’t an issue then go all out and impress your future spouse with a meal at three-michelin-starred Les Amis. The food here is excellent beyond comparison and the service is top notch. Call ahead and ask if you could get a spot at the chef’s table or some of the private dining rooms so you can have all the privacy you need. Otherwise, the regular tables are still nicely spaced out so rest assured that your proposal speech will be well out of ear shot from the other patrons.


Corner House

The experience at Corner House starts before one even steps into the dining area. In fact, it starts the moment one drops off at the Botanic Gardens and the short walk sets the tone for a romantic evening. Ask to be seated at the Whispering Corner, which is a private alcove with just two tables next to the window. At lunch, you’ll be rewarded with views of the lush gardens while dinner may be dark outside, but guarantees a cosy atmosphere for you to get down on one knee.

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Saint Pierre

Few restaurants in Singapore can boast having a gorgeous view and top notch food and we can attest that two-Michelin-starred Saint Pierre at One Fullerton has both. Make your reservation well in advance to secure a seat by the window and watch the sky turn into a gold hue as your dinner progresses well into the evening. Once the sun has set, and the lights are on, the vibe turns intimate, which will be the perfect setting for you to ask your partner to be your spouse.



New restaurant Hortus at the Flower Dome is far less formal than the other restaurants on our list of proposal spots but it’s perfect if the vibe you’re going for is relaxed. Expect beautiful interiors and a Mediterranean menu that encourages sharing plates of food. Here, you can make your choice to propose to your other half in the restaurant or in the Flower Dome after your meal. If you prefer getting down on your knee while the sun is up for the cheerful atmosphere, consider the afternoon tea option which gives you plenty of time to stroll around before the sun sets.



Few would expect the presence of a rooftop restaurant smack in the middle of Orchard Road an 1-Atico could well be your proposal spot if it’s a surprise (just convince your other half you’re going shopping). The views here are simply jaw-dropping and the food is comforting. Plus, the restaurant is also famed for being a wedding location, so you could well choose to throw your reception at the very place you proposed.

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