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5 healthy lunch spots to hit up in the CBD

Hear us out: The easiest meals to go healthy for are the ones you have in the office, especially if you work in the Central Business District (CBD). It’s fast, it’s nearby, and you get all the macros you need to meet your fitness goals.

What’s more, lunch is always a social activity so you can get your colleagues into the act. After all, what is a fitness without the support of those around you?

Here, we round up five spots for you to get your nutrition in between your meetings.

The Daily Cut

By any measure, The Daily Cut was a trailblazer for turning the idea of a salad shop on its head when it first opened. In an age when eating healthy meant eating greens with very little proteins, its owners decided to prioritise protein as the bedrock of healthy eating. The system is fairly straightforward: Simply take the slip of paper and tick off what you’d like then pony up. The selection is varied enough with plenty of different types of meat, even a tempeh and tofu option if you’re vegetarian.


Grain Traders

“Grain Traders is a good food company that believes in nourishing people beyond meals.” It’s an inspiring statement and one that translates well into the soul of its cooking and the dining experience. Dig in to a smorgasbord of healthy bowls, like the Hen’s Nest, where sous vide chicken breast is served with quinoa and roasted butternut squash, or the Tantrum, the vegan option which will have you digging into its “Char Siu” Jackfruit atop a deliciously chewy Barley Risotto.

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Avorush may be tucked away in Asia Square but this small store draws long lines; the dishes here are healthy and bountiful – especially if you decide to go vegan or vegetarian for that particular meal. There’s an entire menu section dedicated to avocado toast (multigrain sourdough, naturally) while those who want the freedom of choosing everything on their plate can build their own under the avo-bowl section where you can choose your base, protein, sides and dressing.


Salmon Samurai

Salmon is quite possibly the holy grail of healthy eating – it’s pink, it’s tasty and it’s full of Omega fatty acids that’s good for your heart and overall well-being. Salmon Samurai then is the place for you to get your fix. There are salmon bowls and maki rolls with their macros clearly labeled so you never have to worry if the meal will fit into your daily nutritional intake. Our pick goes to Omega Samurai Bowl where the yuzu ume rice comes with mixed greens .


Shake Farm

Can burgers be healthy? For the famed eatery Shake Farm on Telok Ayer, it’s a resounding yes. The establishment not just serves up nutritious dishes, but has a whole list of better-for-you burgers to choose from. Go for the crowd favourite, the Macho Mexican where a beef patty is given a big burst of flavour by way of spicy salsa and tzatziki or the sexy fish which sees salmond zhuzhed up with feta cheese and sundried tomatoes.



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