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The best cocktail bars in Singapore to bring your date

Every relationship has a start. For some of us who are lucky, that would be the start of two lives spent together. But getting there isn’t always easy. At the beginning, savvy daters would need to walk the fine line between showing interest and not coming across too strong and risk scaring a potential partner away.

Keeping it casual for the first few dates at least would be the wise move. For that, there are Singapore’s famed cocktail bar. Nothing spells casual yet intimate more than having a well-crafted drink. The lights are dim, you would have just enough booze in you to loosen up and the music helps to fill up any awkward pauses. Here are five cocktail bars you can bring your date to.



It may be in a hotel but it is without a doubt, one of the sexiest bars in Singapore. The dark interiors ooze sophistication and elegance and the drinks have won it plenty of accolades and a loyal following. Get a reservation early and ask to be seated by the bar to truly absorb the energy of the space while regaling your date with your sense of wit. For drinks, don’t leave without ordering the solera-aged negroni – a technique which sees the house-made negronis being aged by fractional blending.


Live Twice

Whisk your date to Japan at Live Twice, a bar that melds traditional Japanese interiors with mod pieces that recall the 50s. The vibe here is friendly and you can choose how cosy you want to get with your date. There’s a large table which makes for convivial conversations as much as cosy nooks where you can whisper into each other’s ears. The drinks here are excellent and don’t hesitate to order the Grasshopper – a potent concoction of bourbon whiskey, giffard mint liqueur, tempus fugit cacao and whipped cream.

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Smoke & Mirrors

In need of a view? Smoke & Mirrors at the sixth floor of the National Gallery will have you covered. The open air bar offers sweeping views of the Central Business District and Marina Bay Sands – letting you level up the romance as the skies go dark and the buildings light up. The cocktail menu is a well-thought out one and each drink is accompanied with luscious descriptions from distinct places and eras that it was inspired by.


Jigger & Pony

Bringing a date to Jigger & Pony is not about trying to impress – it’s about genuinely having a great time. Here, the drinks are masterfully crafted and the interiors are elegant yet cosy. Choose a spot by the bar to take some of the intensity out (the first date is not the time to stare deeply into each other’s eyes) and have casual conversations as you swill your negroni in its glass.


The Elephant Room

If you’re one for a good cultural experience with a palate that needs to discover new flavours, then The Elephant Room is where you should be. The bar is located in Little India and bills itself as a culture-forward space where drinks and nibbles are inspired by its locality. Go for the King of Toddy where Ceylonese Arrack is shaken up with clarified buttermilk and pickled palm seeds or sip on the Banana King where Caramelised Banana Distillate is laced with banana wine and jazzed up with the piquancy of banana vinegar.



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