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These are the best chocolate cakes in Singapore

Chocolate cake is that one dessert item that you can never go wrong with. Whether it’s a romantic celebration, a birthday party or, well, if you just broke up and need some comfort – it’s equal parts decadent and indulgent and will never fail to put a smile on everybody’s faces.

So go ahead, grab a knife… or a spoon (we won’t judge) and get your tastebuds ready for some of the best chocolate cakes in Singapore.

Lana Chocolates

It might not look like much but Lana’s chocolate cake in Bukit Timah is a famed institution. It was founded in 1964 – a year before Singapore’s independence and has gained generations of loyal customers drawn to its light chiffon-like chocolate fudge cake. Expect rustic bakes in simple shapes and buttercream piping that will plunge you straight back to the 60s.


Awfully chocolate

If you’re in a rush to get a decent chocolate cake without needing to order days in advance then Awfully Chocolate will have you covered. Go for the The All Chocolate Cake – it’s the cake that shot the brand into stardom and is almost always available at its various outlets. The cake itself contains three soft, moist layers with chocolate ganache made by the brand’s very own dark-roasted chocolate.



Whether or not you’re vegan makes no matter if you’ve got one of Roa’s chocolate gateau cakes on your table. Perhaps it’s because the cake itself contains no dairy or eggs, or perhaps the bakers are just expert creators but the chocolate cake here is not only indulgent, it somehow manages to be light to boot. Expect a crunchy chocolate base that holds up a rich chocolate sponge and dark chocolate ganache.

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PS Cafe

PS Cafe and all its beautiful outlets are known for two things: the truffle fries which you can smell from a mile away and the blackout chocolate cake. Forget the former and go straight for the latter. This formidable slice is so large that it’s served lying sideways, with a good scoop of vanilla ice cream. Those looking to purchase the cake for events can place their orders at least two days in advance and it comes in two sizes: 1.5kg at 15cm or 3kg at 20cm.


Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar

Laurent Cafe & Chocolate Bar is one of the best artisanal chocolate makers in Singapore so it’s no surprise that its chocolate cake is on this list. Order the Trianon cake for its delicious hazelnut dacquoise sponge layers with crispy gavottes and lathered all over with a dark chocolate whipped cream.



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